Keynote Highlights of Dreamforce 2019

It’s the Monday after the world’s largest software conference…Dreamforce! DemandBlue’s team of Customer Success Managers spent the last week seeping in Salesforce’s conference full of keynotes, sessions, and events of pure inspiration and learning in San Francisco. This blog breaks down our highlights of Dreamforce Keynote 2019.

Let’s dive right in with the most anticipated keynote of every year, the Dreamforce Keynote 2019 Opening highlights: Trailblazing Together, presented by Founder and Co-CEO Marc Benioff.

Benioff sets the stage for the entire conference with this keynote, and as the title suggests, this year, Dreamforce identified the theme for the conference as “Together” – reinforcing the importance of Customer 360 with the introduction of Customer 360 Truth.  As Salesforce prides itself on upholding a new level of trust, customer success, innovation, and equality in their business, Customer 360 Truth follow the same ethos to provide a transformative overview. These outputs help companies unify all their data across all touchpoints, ultimately providing a source of truth about their customers. With that the keynote continues, keeping Customer 360 Truth as a focal of the theme of togetherness and the statement “Let’s bring companies and customers together” through product demos of how Salesforce products such as Sales, Marketing, Commerce, Service and even Einstein A.I. can leverage and provide superior customer experience with Customer 360.

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Dreamforce Keynote 2019| Partnership: Building a Different Kind of Partnership 

Co-Founder and CTO Parker Harris lead this keynote for the Partner ecosystem. Overviewing the pillars of partnership, Harris and the partner leaders showcase how critical Salesforce partners are to helping customers realize the Single Source of Truth or SSOT as they help grow, innovate and invest in customer success. As partners help their customers, Salesforce continues its dedicated work with partners via the partner enablement investment that practices a new engagement model and enhanced advisory services for partners. Sounds nice, right? DemandBlue is proud to be a registered consulting partner of Salesforce!

Dreamforce Keynote 2019 | Einstein Analytics: Your AI Journey Begins HereThe power of the Salesforce Customer

360 Platform is propelled into the fourth industrial revolution with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. Evidence has shown that businesses using Salesforce Einstein have increased their revenue by 11.5% due to leads being 4x more likely to convert to sales. How can you adapt this to your selling? With Salesforce Analytic tools, like Einstein Voice, Vision, and Language, companies can leverage advanced AI and deep learning capabilities all within Salesforce – no Data Science team required. Trailblazing an AI Journey is not something of the far-off future but rather the here and now!

Dreamforce keynote 2019 Sales Highlight: Grow Your Business Today & Build Relationships for Tomorrow

Major Key Alert! The future of Sales revolves entirely around the practice of Insight Selling. According to Salesforce Growth and Innovation Evangelist, Tiffani Bova, the future for sales organizations revolves altogether around the methods of insight selling. Following the insight selling path of information, action, and insight – the future salesperson can effortlessly meet rising buyer expectations. Salesforce tools such as Einstein (Search, Voice Assistant, Call Coaching, and Opportunity Scoring) help your salespersons intelligently gather customer information to provide the right insights for greater customer success and a higher growth rate for your business!

Dreamforce 2019 Platform Keynote highlights: Drive Digital Transformation with the Customer 360 Platform

Salesforce Trailblazers are driving digital transformation with the next generation of the Customer 360 Platform. In this keynote, President and CPO Bret Taylor showcased how companies can connect to every customer and empower every employee to innovate digital solutions consistently. Promoting this culture of innovation, Salesforce Customer 360, and Trailhead is crucial for companies to practice digital transformation. With the added improvements such as myTrailhead, Customer 360 Data, Developer 360 plus, and many more – solutions for building a unified platform that provides total and transformative is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Salesforce and the Customer 360 Platform.

Lightning Keynote: Build Dynamic Experiences

Remember when you first heard of Salesforce Lightning! Now we’re going beyond the Lightning transition to showcase how this Salesforce functionality has scaled to meet the needs of businesses and increase 25% in productivity. New features in the Lightning App Builder, Flow, and Mobile App provide Trailblazers engaging, automated, and mobile-enabled team engagement.

Dreamforce 2019|Marketing Cloud Keynote: The New Decade of Data, Trust and Engagement

Marketing is as much about the numbers as it is about messaging. Let’s break down how exactly what this decade of marketing data has revealed:

  • 73% of customers expect companies to understand their needs.
  • 65% of customers change companies if the company does anything distrustful.
  • 73% of customers say one superior experience with a company raises their expectations with other companies.
  • The evolution of marketing means to have a sense of all this data revolving around trust and engagement. Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides innovative marketers solutions for today’s biggest challenges, such as unifying data, modernizing infrastructure and organizations, and delivering trusted, personalized experiences. All of which can be accomplished by following the marketing mandate of trust, connected data, and transformative engagement.

Customer Success Keynote: Your Path to Succeeding with Salesforce

Customers – they make or break a business. And customer success is paramount to the success of all companies. Salesforce maps out the path to Customer Success in this keynote, highlighting how the path of customer success is made simpler with new functionalities like Salesforce Mobile and other customer resources such as the behemoth that is the Trailblazer Community. Attendees learned of actionable insights of how to harness the power the community with tools such as Lightning Now, a group created in the Trailblazer Community, Salesforce Mentorship, a new and pre-configured in-app guidance tool and the Customer Success Events calendar that offers over 300 events every month for further advisory and group learning for Salesforce tools. These work tools help you better understand all that Salesforce has to offer and in turn, help your customers achieve Customer Success!

Dreamforce Keynote 2019 AppExchange Partner Highlights: Success in the Fastest Growing Cloud Marketplace

AppExchange is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace with a hub of over 5,000 solutions for Salesforce customers. In just a few clicks, solutions for almost every business challenge is solved! Salesforce Consulting Partners are encouraged to sell on the AppExchange and experience unparalleled growth in the Salesforce Ecosystem. In this keynote, the new partner program introduced a new economic model and balanced metrics model for the partner’s scoring. This allows for the greater consumer to consultant retention and revenue growth as customers can now search by industry and technical expertise.

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Dreamforce 2019 Service Cloud Keynote highlights: The New Age of Human-Centric Service

Salesforce Service Cloud is unparalleled in providing timesaving, joy-boosting, relationship-building service platform. To keep up with the growing support requests and customer expectations, Service Cloud encourages the use of new technology, such as AI, to better connect with customers in impactful ways. And there’s nothing artificial about these interactions; Salesforce prioritizes to make these service experiences more human, more empathetic, more relationship-based, and ultimately more successful! No wonder Trailblazers agree that is the World’s #1 Service Platform!

As we’ve learned, practicing consumer and customer togetherness means companies must prioritize providing a positive customer experience. In this keynote, Salesforce showcased how to deliver a personalized digital experience for the customer journey. This pivot is due to data revealing how 84% of customers rank experience higher than products and that 66% of customers are willing to pay for this better, more personalized experience. Trailblazing innovate with speed and scale with Salesforce CMS to create and deliver content at any customer touchpoint. Websites and portals for marketing are enhanced with the new Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio to home in marketing emails and commerce storefronts that will create value and maximize your return on experience (ROX).

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