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  • CRMJetty

    May 10, 2022 at 7:49 am

    Hello Pooja,Sales Cloud features
    Contact & Lead Management: The cloud makes it easier for you to manage contacts and leads, communication, campaigns, and sales rate to close more deals.• Mobile optimization: Integration with mobile means more flexibility to access workflow. You can manage leads, toggle dashboard, track reports, and more all at your fingertips.• Reports & Dashboards: Manage your business well with regular reports and progress in detail. Identify inadequacies to ramp up processes that need your attention the most.• File-Sharing: Sales cloud services offer file sharing and syncing which is fast, efficient, and safe. Need a file urgently? Simply, type it out in the search bar and there you have it. • Work Process Approval: The interface of the Sales cloud makes it easier for you to plan your business better as you have sales, expenses, and discounts all in one place.Service Cloud features
    Service Console: Here, your tasks are handled and organized by an expert to help your customers respond better to your services.• Chat service: This automates the live chat assisting customers looking for solutions.• Customer service: This processes customer queries through social media without the need for visiting other websites.• Knowledge Base: As mentioned before in this post, a Service cloud creates knowledge bases which help the service agents. They can understand the customer better and resolve issues faster.• Email to Case: This automates email responses to case submissions basis the attributes of the record. For instance, an auto-email sent to a customer on buying a product or service.Hope this helps you.Thanks.