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  • Ksolves

    June 6, 2022 at 6:01 am

    1. User Licenses
    The features that a user can access are determined by their user license. A user license is required for each user. Through a profile and, if desired, one or more permission sets, you can assign user permissions for data access.
    2. Permission Set Licenses
    A permission set is a simple approach to provide users with unique settings and permissions to utilize certain tools and services. Users with permission set licenses can access capabilities that aren't included in their user licenses. Permission set licenses can be assigned to users in any number.
    3. Feature Licenses Overview
    A feature license allows a user to use a feature that isn't included in their user license, such as Marketing Any number of feature licenses can be issued to users.
    4. Usage-based Entitlements
    A usage-based entitlement is a limited resource that your organization can access regularly, such as the monthly limit for Partner Community logins or the record limit for list users.