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    January 31, 2018 at 9:14 am

    Hi Himanshu,

    Chatter is enabled by default in Salesforce and the Salesforce app. Configure various Chatter features and customize the Chatter experience for your users on the Chatter Settings page in Setup.

    • To access the Chatter Settings page, enter Chatter in the Quick Find box and select Chatter Settings.
    • To disable Chatter for your entire organization, deselect Enable in the Chatter Settings section.

    There are different setting for Chatter like:

    • Chatter Group Settings
    • Enable Emoticons in the Feed
    • Let Users Set Out of Office Messages in Chatter
    • Customer Invitations
    • Coworker Invitations
    • Enable Actions in the Publisher
    • Feed Post and Comments Editing Overview

    Hope this helps you.