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  • Parul

    September 19, 2018 at 4:55 am


    An AuraDefinitionBundle component is a collection of component definition files, each representing a different resource such as markup code, event documentations, applications and interfaces.

    Aura definition bundle contains following items:

    Component: UI for lightning component

    controller.js: Contains client-side controller methods to handle events in the component.

    helper.js: JavaScript functions that can be called from any JavaScript code in a component’s bundle

    style: Contains styles for the component.

    design: File required for components used in Lightning App Builder, Lightning pages, or Community Builder.

    renderer: Client-side renderer to override default rendering for a component.

    documentation: A description, sample code, and one or multiple references to example components

    SVG: Custom icon resource for components used in the Lightning App Builder or Community Builder.