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  • Rajesh

    April 13, 2021 at 12:01 pm

    Picklist in Salesforce is a great way to keep data consistent and safe. It provides the user with a read-only input field that is accompanied by a Listbox of pre-defined options. A picklist consists of both single and multi-selection patterns.<div>


    Types of Picklist -

    Standard – Standard Picklists are included in your Salesforce org before making any customizations like Opportunity Stage picklist on Opportunity object, Lead Source picklist on the Lead object, and more.

    Custom – Custom Picklists are the ones that you create based on your organization’s processes.

    Restricted – Restricted picklists limit users from adding new values (either through the API or other apps).

    Dependent – Dependent picklist filters values for one picklist based on a selection from another picklist or a checkbox on the same record.