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  • Prafull

    August 8, 2021 at 6:26 am

    Hierarchy Manager (Profile = Manager) (Create, Update & Delete the Assign Object Record)
    |---> Team lead (Create, Update for Assign Object) (See their own record and high priority assign object record)
    |---> Executive team lead (Create, Update for Assign Object) (See their own record)

    You want to apply both object level & record level security on Assign Object
    For Object Level Security, we firstly need to restrict the access means only providing create, update in the
    Profile Manager --> Making a permission set in which we're providing the delete access of assign object and then
    add this permission set to Hierarchy Manager User.
    There is new feature called Restriction rule (,t%20essential%20to%20their%20work)
    in current release, you can look into that.
    For Field Level Security
    Setup--> Role Hierarchy --> Making 3 roles (Given below at top) and assign it to respective user with same profile Manager (But Add permission set to Hierarchy Manager for delete access)
    Setup--> Sharing Setting--> Edit --> Assign --> Internal User --> Private --> in right side check the grant using role hierarchy
    Setup --> Assign Object --> Make picklist--> Priority Type--> Add (High Priority, Low Priority by default= High Priority)
    Setup--> Sharing Setting--> Scroll below to Assign Object Sharing Setting Permission --> New -->
    (1st) Add Label & API Name -->
    (2nd) Based on record Field If Priority_Type__c = High Priority
    (3rd) Share it to Roles = Team Lead & Executive Team Lead (Or you can make a public in which this role will added)
    Now click on save & you're done