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  • shariq

    September 13, 2018 at 12:11 pm


    Canvas enables you to easily integrate a third-party application in Salesforce.Canvas is a set of tools and JavaScript APIs that you can use to expose anapplication as a canvas app. This means you can take your new or existing applications and make them available to your users as part of their Salesforceexperience.

    Create the Canvas App
    In this step, you’ll create the canvas app in your Salesforce organization. You’ll need user permissions “Customize Application” and “Modify All Data” to create a canvas app.
    In Salesforce, from Setup, enter Apps in the Quick Find box, then select Apps.
    In the Connected Apps related list, click New.
    In the Connected App Name field, enter Hello World.
    Accept the default API Name of Hello_World. This is the internal name of the canvas app and can’t be changed after you save it.
    In the Contact Email field, enter your email address.
    In the Logo Image URL field, enter https://localhost:8443/images/salesforce.png. This is the default Salesforce “No Software” image. This image appears on the installation screen and on the detail screen for the app.
    In the Icon URL field, enter https://localhost:8443/examples/hello-world/logo.png. This is the default Salesforce “No Software” image.This is the image that appears next to the app name in the user interface. If you leave this field blank, a default cloud image appears next to the app name.
    In the API (Enable OAuth Settings) section, select the Enable OAuth Settings field.
    In the Callback URL field, enter https://localhost:8443/sdk/callback.html.
    In the Selected OAuth Scopes field, select Access your basic information.
    In the Canvas App Settings section, select Canvas.
    In the Canvas App URL field, enter https://localhost:8443/examples/hello-world/index.jsp.
    In the Access Method field, select Signed Request (Post).
    In the Locations field, select Chatter Tab.
    Click Save. After the canvas app is saved, the detail page appears.
    On the detail page for the canvas app, next to the Consumer Secret field, click the link Click to reveal. The consumer secret is used in the app to authenticate.
    Select the consumer secret value and enter CTRL+C to copy it.
    Go to the command window and stop the Jetty Web server by entering CTRL+C. At the prompt, enter Y.
    Create an environment variable named CANVAS_CONSUMER_SECRET and set that value to the consumer secret you just copied.

    Hope this helps!

  • Parul

    September 13, 2018 at 7:42 pm


    Canvas enables you to expose your canvas apps in the Salesforce app. The Salesforce app is Salesforce on the go. This enterprise-class mobile app gives you real-time access to the same information that you see in the office, but it’s organized for getting work done when you’re away from your desk. Just like in the full Salesforce site, users can access publisher and Chatter feed items, including Canvas apps.



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