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  • Udit

    April 13, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    You can achieve this by using Output Panel in side your table.

    <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!IF(a.DescriptionLength<50, true, false)}">
    <span style="font-size: 70%;">{!a.proObj.Description}</span>
    <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!IF((a.DescriptionLength>50 && a.DescriptionLength<70), true, false)}">
    <span style="font-size: 58%;">{!a.proObj.Description}</span>
    <apex:outputPanel rendered="{!IF(a.DescriptionLength>70, true, false)}">
    <span style="font-size: 50%;">{!a.proObj.Description}</span>

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