Activity Forums Salesforce® Discussions How many permission sets we can assign to one user in Salesforce?

  • Subodh

    February 8, 2018 at 10:35 am

    Hello Uday,

    One org can hold max of 1000 permission set(1500 including Managed packages) and if we want, we can assign all permission sets to a single User.

    You can run the following code snippet in developer Console to check by yourself:

    integer count =1;
    for(integer i = 1; i<=75;i++){
    PermissionSet pr = new PermissionSet(Label='Case Permisson Set'+count,Name='Case_Permisson_Set'+count);
    insert pr;
    PermissionSetAssignment pm = new PermissionSetAssignment(AssigneeId='<User Id>',;
    insert pm;

    Hope this helps.!

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