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  • Shubham

    February 26, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    Hello Saurabh

    You can achieve this by creating relationship in your docgen packages.

    • Go to your Docgen packages.
    • Click on to the New Relationship Button
    • For Type dropdown :Select salesforce Object
    • For Related By (What you have) :Select the object on which you are working.In this case select your parent object.
    • Relationship (What you want): Select child object which you want to show on to the table.In this case child object of your parent object.
    • Related By: Select relationship between them.
    • Click on save button.
    • After clicking on save button you will a new relationship created in your docgen package.Click on the edit link of the relationship
    • In the Relationship Alias: Give a unique alias which differentiate this relationship with others relationship
    • In the Copy type: Select Table
    • If you want to show it any order then in the Order Relationship by select field from the dropdown and select Descending if you want to show in Descending order.
    • Click on save button
    • Now go to the Field Tagger select your child object as Main object after that use  Replicate Table tag from the field tags section in your template.
    • On generating document It will generate dynamic table which shows child object related list of parent object

    Hope it may helps

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