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  • Prachi

    November 12, 2018 at 1:08 pm


    - Controls the Object level access.
    Eg: If you want a set of users to get access to say "Account" object in salesforce, you will enable the type of access you want to provide on the Profile->Account Object. You can give Read Only, Read & Write, Create and Delete privilege as well.
    - You can control which field a user can see by enabling the Field Level Security (FLS) in Profile settings.
    - You Can assign different Record types and Page Layouts to a Profile to decide which fields the user with the particular profile can access.

    -Controls the data level access.
    - Roles decide which type of data can be viewed by which user.
    Eg: Manager can see all the data related to the Associates working under him.
    - It maintains the record level access in the org.


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