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Get Smart with Salesforce Einstein

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  1. Get Started with Einstein
    7 Topics
  2. Learn About Einstein Out-Of-The-Box Applications
    7 Topics
  3. Responsible Creation of Artificial Intelligence
    Use the Einstein Platform
    9 Topics
  4. Understand the Ethical Use of Technology
    8 Topics
  5. Learn the Basics of Artificial Intelligence
    5 Topics
  6. Recognize Bias in Artificial Intelligence
    6 Topics
  7. Einstein Bots Basics
    Remove Bias from Your Data and Algorithms
    6 Topics
  8. Learn About Einstein Bots
    6 Topics
  9. Plan Your Bot Content
    4 Topics
  10. Einstein Next Best Action
    Learn the Prerequisites and Enable Einstein Bots
    3 Topics
  11. Get Started with Einstein Next Best Action
    9 Topics
  12. Sales Cloud Einstein
    Understand How Einstein Next Best Action Works
    7 Topics
  13. Increase Sales Productivity
    5 Topics
  14. Automate Sales Activities
    5 Topics
  15. Target the Best Leads
    3 Topics
  16. Close More Deals
    6 Topics
  17. Connect with Your Customers and Create New Business
    4 Topics
  18. Sales Cloud Einstein Rollout Strategies
    Improve Sales Predictions
    4 Topics
  19. Use AI to Improve Sales
  20. Start with a Plan
  21. Set Goals and Priorities
  22. Get Ready for Einstein
  23. Quick Start: Einstein Prediction Builder
    Start Using Sales Cloud Einstein
  24. Sign Up for an Einstein Prediction Builder Trailhead Playground
  25. Create a Formula Field to Predict
  26. Enrich Your Prediction
  27. Build a Prediction
  28. Quick Start: Einstein Image Classification
    Create a List View for Your Predictions
  29. Get an Einstein Platform Services Account
  30. Get the Code
  31. Create a Remote Site
  32. Create the Apex Classes
  33. Einstein Intent API Basics
    Create the Visualforce Page
  34. Get Started with Einstein Language
  35. Set Up Your Environment
  36. Create the Dataset
  37. Train the Dataset and Create a Model
  38. Put Predictions into Action with Next Best Action
    Use the Model to Make a Prediction
  39. Learn the Basics and Set Up a Custom Playground
  40. Define and Build a Prediction
  41. Customize Your Contact and List Displays
  42. Create Recommendations for Einstein Next Best Action
  43. Create a Next Best Action Strategy
  44. Add Next Best Action to Your Contacts
  45. Salesforce Einstein Basics
    Get Started with Einstein
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Einstein Bots

Abhishek October 12, 2021
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Einstein Bots allow you to build a smart assistant into your "customers" favorite channels like chat, messaging or voice.  Einstein Bots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide instant help for customers by answering common questions or gathering the right information to handoff the conversation seamlessly to the right agent for more complex questions or cases.

Say you’re an ecommerce business, and your service team gets loads of inquiries, through many different channels. With Einstein Bots you can create chatbots for your business to immediately answer specific, routine questions for customers like updating passwords or order status updates. This results in more time for service agents to work on the complex, nuanced cases, and customers save time by getting their answer fast. And if an Einstein Bot doesn’t have the answer at the moment, your customers can be instantly welcomed with a branded greeting in a chat window, directing them to the right agent to help them, fast. Considering customers live in an instant, mobile, web-driven world, they expect one-to-one service—immediately. If they don’t get a swift response, they can think less of a brand. Einstein Bots eliminates that friction.

Einstein Bots